Our new location

South facing and room for everyone

It’s been in the works for a long time and we are finally open for business at our new location at 577 Great Northern Way. We are south facing with a partially finished patio & 2 levels indoors which hold 75 people. It was all hands on deck with this place, finished in 100 year old barn wood, hand made flooring, 3 community tables one that is a 10 ft section of a bowling alley converted to a table underpinned with turn of the century radiators, 32 foot mezzanine counter facing south, we tried hard to recycle, reuse and repurpose as much as we could including our 4 head La Marzocco FB70, drop by and visit us at Momento’s new location.

Come on in for some coffee

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Love of Food

http://www.loveoffood.ca/index.html, check it out we fell in love with Julie’s products, we’re passionate about coffee and she’s passionate about all things chocolate and…… Book June 8th 11-12am we have space for 15 people to sample and listen to Julies talk on Chocolate, thats right CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE snap crackle and pop thats a great combo : 0

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TEDcoffee tasting at Momento

Some of the best coffee in the world comes from Ethiopia and the Amaro Gayo, is no exception. The quality of this coffee is so high that it cups at over 90 points (on a 100-point scale). It was selected by the Roaster Guild as one of eight coffees that will be served at TED and TEDActive Conferences February 25- March 1 (#TEDcoffee). Look for a delicate tea like quality, with tasting notes of blueberry and blackberry, and hints bergamot and citrus. It is available for a limited time so get while you can. Friday morning March 1st 9:30-1o:30 Stam my man from SaltSpring and Mr Qgrader himself will be spilling a flight of Amaro Gayo for all, so come down and taste this exceptional coffee on the pourover, chemex, french press and some lever action on our Victoria Arduino Athena lever !!

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It just won’t be the same without your smile and cheer!


It'll never be the same without you

What’s life without relationships with special people, nameless middle smiling hat on head, croissant eating, soy latte drinking peoples, we love you and will dearly miss you, our hats off to you as you move back for the last time, it was a great time had by all as we said goodbye and we will take you up on that coffee hopping in Australia.


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Roman Mann works wonders with wood, and he did his wonders for our new shelving, love wood ! 

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Melhorns German BBQ Sandwiches

Thomas is crazy about bringing German BBQ to Vancouver, so on Thursdays/Fridays and Sat. we will be offering Melhorn’s tasty BBQ pork sandwiches for $6.95, tasty, tasty, tasty!!!!


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Kierans Latté Art

Kieran’s been working on his Latté Art, looking good, taste is even better as he makes a great Cappuccino!

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Breakfast Sandwiches

Hey we just started serviing breakfast sandwiches, poached egg, pesto, back bacon (no sulphites or nitrates and preservative free) a nice chunk of swiss cheese on an English Muffin, try them $3.95

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Kooka Boora – short for coffee in Australian ;-)

Well located in the Montmartre district close to the Pigalle Metro station just a few steps away from Sacre Coeur is Kooka Boora, smack dab on the corner of Rue Des Martyrs and Avenue Trudaine it wins best views from a cafe for sure and the coffee is second to none in Paris. Lots of space to sit outside, comfy inside where everyone is on their Mac laptops or their iPads, the place was just upgraded with air conditioning so you can enjoy that Macchiato and not have a bead of sweat drop from your brow. Another Aussie/French liaison with coffee as the mainstay, we returned 3 times for an afternoon coffee and every drop of espresso tasted as good as the previous. Rue des Martyrs not only has Kooka Boora but some of the best bakeries and cheese shops we encountered in Paris, you have to drop by for your coffee then shop till you drop.

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La Cafeotheque

La Cafeotheque RoasterWe can’t go any further without mentioning La Cafeotheque as they were the originators of this newest batch of coffaholics in Paris. Every place we went to mentioned these guys, so we were off to find them at 52 rue l’hotel de ville, Paris. It was quiet when we arrived so we had a great opportunity to see the roaster at work. We were fortunate to arrive early as the place fills with smoke from the roaster, but I’m told that all enjoy it.

We ordered an espresso and 2 macchiatos and everything was good to the last drop. The owner didn’t want to talk nor get his picture taken, but that didn’t matter because we had drunk his Finca El Carmen and that was enough (shy guy). They were missing a few baristas, which I’m told is a problem right now in Paris as there aren’t enough to go around. We spoke with our barista who was on her last day on the job. If your looking for a job and just so happen to be in Paris call me and we’ll hook you up.

La Cafeotheque MacchiatoThis place had an espresso that had a great chocolate touch to it and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and recommend that you include this in your travels.

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