Breakfast of champions : coffee and palmier !

We’re about community – so we source local. We are dedicated to making excellent coffee for everyone that passes through our doors.

Our Focus: Coffee

We love coffee. We are absorbed in all aspects of making coffee – using great beans, playing with the grind, exploring brewing methods, and developing our techniques. All to create a cup that marks a moment.


Our beans are roasted in Delta B.C. by Oughtred Coffee Roasters which sources organic beans, and encourages farmer-friendly relationships. We also occasionally showcase coffees from a variety of roasters, such as Bows & Arrows,  Phil and Sebastian and Matchstick Roasters.


Our primary means of brewing coffee is the Hario Pour-Over Coffee method. It allows us to create a hand-crafted, brewed-to-order cup that’s cleaner and fresher. This way, you can also pick what you like from our menu of seasonal coffees.

We have a full espresso based drink menu available, and also have Syphons and French Presses which serve as our on the go drip coffee through out the day.


When it comes to teas, everything is steeped in Brewts which allows the tea to infuse and as it  is flushed through the tea out the bottom of the brewer it gathers all that flavor that teas should have, its not conventional but it will turn you back on to tea after you see the ease of use and taste the end product, ps: we sell them in store and its a cool product.


We source locally, our pastries are butter based from Baguette et Co., our gluten free and vegan goodies come from EightFoldeats. Our sausage and pork comes from Gelderman Farms in Abbottsford and our Beef from Acre63 in Chilliwack. We use only butter, coconut oil or Organic cold pressed Olive oil , no other oils are used.