TEDcoffee tasting at Momento

Some of the best coffee in the world comes from Ethiopia and the Amaro Gayo, is no exception. The quality of this coffee is so high that it cups at over 90 points (on a 100-point scale). It was selected by the Roaster Guild as one of eight coffees that will be served at TED and TEDActive Conferences February 25- March 1 (#TEDcoffee). Look for a delicate tea like quality, with tasting notes of blueberry and blackberry, and hints bergamot and citrus. It is available for a limited time so get while you can. Friday morning March 1st 9:30-1o:30 Stam my man from SaltSpring and Mr Qgrader himself will be spilling a flight of Amaro Gayo for all, so come down and taste this exceptional coffee on the pourover, chemex, french press and some lever action on our Victoria Arduino Athena lever !!

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